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Bessie and Lovie LLC

Melody Byrd was born and primarily raised in Raleigh, NC by her maternal grandmother Lovie. Her upbringing was also heavily influenced by her maternal great-grandmother Bessie. She would enjoy school breaks, summers, and her preteen years in Brooklyn, NY with her mother. Melody eventually decided to call Brooklyn home.

Byrd has vivid memories of watching her grandmothers dress to impress, especially at the many gatherings her grandma Bessie would host at her home. Although they were not wealthy, her grandmothers taught her to buy premium quality goods to not only look good, but allow you to get your money’s worth when on a budget. As a single mother of four, Melody uses the lesson her grandmothers taught to build a premium quality product. Bessie and Lovie LLC not only enhances your natural beauty, but allows you to get your money’s worth as well.

Melody is an up-and-coming entrepreneur, but she is stepping out on faith to build a brand that has a platform that would allow her to fulfill her burning desire to give back. She is not only committed to delivering a premium quality product, but to maintaining the trust and loyalty of her customers. In the end Melody’s goal for Bessie and Lovie LLC is to build a brand that is a household name while living up to the morals and beliefs instilled in her by her grandmothers, Bessie and Lovie.

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